Afshin Nasseri, MD

Dr. Afshin Nasseri is known for his benevolent personality & active participation in the social development. Dr. Nasseri & his family’s contributions to various healthcare programs brought up valuable improvement in the health & hygienic conditions of needy people from several backward areas. Under GRACE Cares non-profit organization, a health camp was held in 2005, Dr. Afshin Nasseri offered free medical check-up to the students & teachers.

Dr. Afshin Nasseri is committed to providing improved medical and health care services for the under-served medical population. Towards offering medical services to the needful, Dr.Nasseri recently organized a medical health camp in India. This free medical health camp was conducted by GRACE CARES, which is a leading NGO positioned in India. This NGO offers support for education, health, social justice, education and much more. As per the part of program, Dr. Afshin Nasseri along with collaboration of Lucknow project is constantly recruiting physicians who will be willingly donating their time for the cause.

Not only Dr. Afshin Nasseri but his entire family is also associated with the cause, i.e. 2005 Lucknow Project. Each year, Dr. Nasseri’s daughters visit India to be a part of this 8-week summer camp organized by GRACE Cares NGO. As a part of this program, Dr. Afshin along with his team of fellow practitioners offers FREE medical checkup to both students and teachers and also prescribes the right medicine based on ailment. According to him,

“It has always been a privilege for me to help the poor and needy. In India, I have seen people do not grant much attention to health and hygiene. This results into diseases and infections that can’t be prevented unless proper instruction and diagnosis. So, my objective is always to offer selfless and dedicated medical care.”

Besides the above mentioned-roles, he is also known for several healthcare quality programs like Electronic Health Record and Million Hearts Initiative. His professional career started as an Intern . He also practiced as an attending physician at multiple top-notch Medicare centers and clinics. Some of the major medical firms he has worked with are: East Coast Primary Care (2003-2008), Landmark Senior Health Center (2000-2003), Harrington Memorial Hospital (2008-2010). Through his entire journey, he conducted a number of researches to improve his skills and offer effective healthcare treatments to patients.

Known for quick recovery and relief, Dr. Afshin Nasseri contributions to several healthcare programs brought a noticeable improvement in health conditions of people belonging to rural and backward areas. By upholding certain medical certifications, Dr. Nasseri is currently offering optimal Aesthetic & Internal Medicine treatments. His license number is MD 10174. He also carries Rhode Island Medical Licensure to practice Internal Medicine.


  1. Steffan Hogg

    I am so much pleased to have been informed of Dr. Afshin Nasseri! I was so much stressed with my stomach conditions and some other issues. Dr. Afshin Nasseri has always been calm and cool. He always listens to the patients problems and then makes resolutions. It makes me feel so much pleased to know that I can trust him. He was great with me, I had a hard time switching to a new Dr.Afshin Nasseri. He is a superb. Thanks so much for solving my stomach problem as I was suffering since 2 Years and now I feel so much relief from the pain.


  2. Afroj Ahmed

    Dr. Afshin Nasseri is the best doctor in Warwick, RI and his treatments are effective and suitable for me. I highly recommend his treatments. Being his patient from last 3 months, I have recovered a lot from my constipation problem. Thank you doctor
    He is very calm and friendly in nature. One can easily contact him for getting his appointment. Overall, my experience was good after visiting him.


  3. Joshef Mayer

    Dr. Afshin Nasseri is a very knowledgeable, talented and professional doctor. He takes the time to answer all your questions before you make a decision to do anything. One of my friend reffered Dr. Afshin Nasseri and have been in to see him for a few concerns over the past two months. After treatment I am extremely pleased to say that he has addressed all of my concerns with amazing results. Based on my own concerns, Dr. Afshin Nasseri advised what I should do in the future to remain healthy, and I truly appreciated that. The clinic is relaxing and peaceful all of his staff are attentive, they really make you feel very comfortable from the minute you call to make the appointment through the end of doctor meeting.

    Dr. Afshin Nasseri is a top physician and consistently delivers great results.
    He deserves the highest recommendations. He does not disappoint!
    Thank god for Dr. Afshin Nasseri 🙂


  4. Brayden

    I want to share my personal experience about Dr. Afshin Nasseri. Two months ago I was suffering stomach pain problem. I meet many doctors but not feel fine then I go to Dr. Afshin Nasseri clinic. After some test he prescribed medicines. After 2 days of taking medicines, I started feeling as I am completely fine, I went to him again and he again checked my nerve and said you are 80% fine now, but you have to continue one more dose of the medicine, so I completed my dose, and after that I did not feel any problem till now. He is a good doctor and his behaviour with patients is very down to earth and humble. He is doing his job very well.


  5. Jeswin Ouseph

    Dr Afshin Nasseri is a best doctor and very much talented in his profession.I have been his patient since 2 months and have been recovered a lot from my stomach problem. Dr Afshin Nasseri is mostly best in his profession and is very much knowledgeable person in the world of medicine. I have visited several doctors but was very much upset from the prescriptions all the doctors mostly recommend me, but Dr Afshin Nasseri is the best doctor I have visited.I may suggest to visit him for medical prescriptions. He is very much friendly with his patient and always does a lots of social works and are very much known for his effective work in medicine fields.


  6. Johnita Masih

    I may recommend to visit Dr Afshin Nasseri, as he is the best doctor in Warwick. I was suffering from the stomach problems since 5 months but after consulting him I am feeling well now. He is the very much eminent personality in the field of medicine.He also provides a selfless services to the poor people in all over the world.


  7. Clint Eastwood

    Dr Afshin Nasseri is the best doctor in Warwick, RI. He is very much talented in his profession and also provide selfless services in various country. I am his patient since 9 month and has recovered a lot. I have visit several doctors but all them proved worthless, but Dr Afshin Nasseri is the best doctor I have visited.Earlier my health was deteriorating day by day due to stomach problem, as I used to consume lots of medicine as prescribed by the doctors. But after visiting Dr Afshin Nasseri my health condition is improved a lot. I may recommend every one to visit him for any type of geriatric problem.


  8. Steve Smith

    I have been suffering from stomach problem since 2 years. But after I visited Dr.Afshin Nasseri I have been recovering so fast. He is so much friendly & is able to schedule an appointment anytime.He will let you know 30 min prior if and else are running behind so you can sit at home with your sick ones, rather than an office waiting room.


  9. Harry Fernandez

    Dr. Afshin Nasseri is the best professional physicians I’ve ever visited. He is a good observer and also he is very much concerned about her patient’s health. I have no much wait time whenever I visit to see Dr.Afshin Nasseri. The receptionists were so much helpful and are always ready to answered any questions. I was suffering from a stomach and ulcerative colitis.But now I feel very much better now and have regain my health very much.


  10. Andy Roberts

    Dr. Afshin Nasseri is the most cultured,congenial and compassionate physician I have ever met. I am suffering from a acute stomach challenges at once and he was able to sort them out and have suggested a treatment options and several medication adjustments to disentangle them.I really appreciate that Dr Afshin Nasseri treats me not just a patient. His staffs are also wonderful.The administrative and lab staff are very much helpful in nature and are ready to sort any of the problem at any time. I may suggest to visit Dr Afshin Nasseri for the best medical checkup.


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